Rebekah Haddock

     This was a very interesting photo shoot. It's always a challenge to photograph someone that feels awkward in front of the camera. As soon as that lens is pointing their direction a whole world of shyness just pours down on them. Well, that is not necessarily a bad thing, in between all of those "face hiding" actions there are pretty awesome smiles. The trick is capturing them all!

     Rebekah and I have worked together on projects before. We did a live music video for one of her original songs "Sleepless Nights". While doing that project I got a feel for how she reacts in front of the camera. She was pretty awesome then and continued being so in this shoot.

     Rebekah is a singer, songwriter and blogger with amazing talents and if you are reading this, you should keep an eye out for her. Please follow her blog Planted Inward re-launching on April 4th.